Investigation report

On November 15, 2008 GOGPI investigated claims of paranormal activity in Colossus Restaurant in Stone Mountain, Ga. Claims of activity including seeing apparitions, TV turning on and off by itself, sounds of knocking and banging, items flying off the store shelves. When Ed and Beth interviewed the owner of the restaurant, Rick on the 5th of November, we experienced an unexplained cold spot blowing on us at our table. We decided to return and do an investigation after our personal experience and claims by the owner and staff. None of the activity was malicious according to the restaurant owner.

Weather conditions:

Clear sky
Temperature: 42
Humidity 78%
Barometric Pressure 29.98
Wind Speed 15 mph – Gust 23 mph
Moon Phase: Waning gibbous 90% lit
Solar X-Rays: Normal
Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Condition of Restaurant:

The Restaurant was in a strip shopping center that was approximately 25 years old. It is in good condition and the inside had been remodeled over the years to expand the restaurant. The windows and doors were solid, didn’t rattle and seem to be air tight.

Equipment used by Investigators:

Cameras: Canon digital Rebel camera and Sony Cybershot digital camera 3.
EMF Meters: Cell Sensor cellular phone/EMF detection meter and Electro Sensor EMF
Audio Recorders: Sony P210 digital voice recorder and an Olympus D-10 digital voice
Thermometers: Cen-Tech mini non-contact infrared digital thermometer and an Omega
HH68K ambient thermometer.

Ed & Beth (one team) started the investigation at 11:50 pm with a preliminary sweep through the restaurant starting in the 2nd dining room. The owner Rick accompanied us on our investigation. Below are the base readings:
Pg. 1
Base Readings:
· 1. 11:50 am – 2nd dining room – average 62 degrees, average EMF readings at 1.5.

Plant in front window 2.5 EMF. Appliances topped 5.0 EMF.
· Sensitive report – Benign feelings

2. 12:03 am – Hall dividing 2nd and 3rd dining rooms – average 66 degrees, average EMF readings at 2.0 – Several appliances and computers. Appliances topped 5.0 EMF Computers topped 50 EMF. Back door in hall by air compressor topped 5.0 EMF readings.
· Sensitive report – Benign feelings

3. 12:13 am – 3rd dining room – average 63 degrees, average EMF readings at 1.5. 12:18 am – 3rd dining room 63 degrees by window – 4.0 EMF readings on Beth’s cell censor and 5.0 EMF readings on Ed’s EMF detector. 12:21 am – 3rd dinging room middle row tables 65 degrees 5.0 EMF readings on both detectors.
· Sensitive report – Benign feelings
o while taking base readings – incident occurred at 12:25 am – TV came on by itself (67 degrees in room), No reception on TV, but we could hear that it was on the religious station – remote not responsive, put in new batteries in remote – still not responsive. Unplugged TV, waited few seconds, and plugged back in. TV came back on by itself. Remote still not responsive. Had to turn TV off by power button on TV
4. 12:39 am – Kitchen behind 3rd dining room. – Average 65 degrees, average EMF readings at 2.0. Appliances topped 5.0 EMF.
· Sensitive report – Benign feelings.
o While taking base readings – incident occurred at 12:50 am – Walking between kitchen behind 3rd dinging room and kitchen behind 2nd dining room, we notice a really cold blast of air blowing on us – 60 degrees – noticed tile off set in ceiling, fixed the tile and cold wind stopped. Cold Blast of air debunked.
5. 12:54 am – Kitchen behind 2nd dining room – average 66 degrees, average EMF readings at 2.0. Appliances topped 5.0 EMF.
· Sensitive report – Benign feelings.
6. 1:00 am – Kitchen behind 1st dining room – average 70 degrees, average EMF readings at 1.0. Appliances topped 5.0 EMF.
· Sensitive report – Benign feelings.
o While taking base readings – incident occurred at 1:02 am –

Pg. 2
while taking base readings in 1st dining room, we heard the TV in the second dining room come back on by itself. Remote was not working and the picture was distorted. We went through the same routine of unplugging the TV, and we could hear the reset button in the TV. The TV is at least 15 yrs old. With the age of the TV and the sound of the automatic reset in the TV, we concluded the TV occurrences as Possibly debunked – we

o asked owner if he would consider replacing the TV and we would further investigate if the occurrence continued to happen

7. 1:08 am – 1st dining room – average 76 degrees, 3.0-5.0 EMF readings with spikes.

· Sensitive report – Benign feelings.
o While taking base readings – incident occurred at 1:13 am – when we stood in the way of the EMF detector, it would spike. 1:18 am – Rick asked to hold Ed’s EMF detector. He “willed” the lights to go off, and spike the EMF detector. 3.0-4.0 EMF readings. Rick had cold goose bumps. Rick explained that he feels he may have powers of some kind within himself.

Main Investigation

Approximately 1:23 am we started the main investigation. We started in the same 1st dinging room since we were having unexplained spikes in the EMF detectors. Beth was still having spikes in the middle of the room at 5.0 EMF. No change in temperature. While sitting in a booth and trying to get a general feel of the room, Beth and Ed’s eyes were drawn to area between the 2nd & 3rd dining rooms. We both reported we felt like someone was listening and watching us. At 1:46 am, Beth saw a shadow whisk by in this same area between 2nd and 3rd dining rooms. Both Ed and Beth reported that the area seemed visibly lighter.
· Sensitive report – Beth felt a friendly energy in the 1st dining room. She felt it could be a residual energy, such as conversations, laughter, and good times.

We then proceeded to the 2nd dining room at 1:59 am to continue the investigation. We metered the room and found no unusual readings; they were in line with the base readings. We conducted an EVP session. 2:20 am – Ed walked into cold air. We took the temperature and discovered the temp to be almost the same as base readings – 65 degrees. Had to pause EVP session when Beth noticed her batteries were drained. Replaced batteries and began EVP session again without incident. At 2:55 am Ed reported he was still getting EMF spikes in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd dinging rooms, all by the front windows.
· Sensitive report – Beth had benign feelings in the 2nd dining room at this time.
Pg. 3
We proceeded to the 2nd dining room at 3:00 am to continue the investigation We metered it at got the same readings as base. Around 3:30 am while talking to Rick, we noticed the EMF detector sitting on the table in the middle of the room, spiked and fluttered between 2.0 – 4.0 EMF. We started our EVP session at 3:40 am and ended at 3:45 am. Below is the report from our sensitive and what she had picked up on:
· Sensitive report – Benign Feelings
Ended Investigation at 3:50 am

During our preliminary investigation we experienced an unexplained cold spot move past us while interviewing the owner. He stated the air conditioning was off at the time and no air should be moving by the Heating or A/C unit. The cold spot was noticeably cool than the surrounding air and lasted less that 30 seconds.

During the investigation we did record some EMF reading that were in unusual places, in the dining room around a table and chairs in dining rooms #2 and #3. We also picked up some EMF readings around a plant near the front wall in dining room #2. The table and chairs in both dining rooms were near the front wall too. All the items were not near a power source and we had no readings from the lights above, we were unable to find a natural cause for the higher readings.

While investigating the kitchen area we did have a cold spot come and go in a small area. We did debunk it as air coming from a missing ceiling tile.

We also recorded numerous EVP’s in the restaurant with a couple appearing to answer a couple of our questions.

With the findings stated above we cannot conclusively say that the restaurant is haunted. There seems to be some type of activity there, and further investigations may be able to find enough evidence to call it haunted.
Ed Laughlin
GOGPI Director

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