Beth Peters, Psychic, Medium & Animal Communication

“Awakening the Souls of others, is the responsibility of all that have begun to Awaken.” Beth Peters

Beth is best known for her empathic connection to her clients and the relationship they develop. She works with the client’s Spirit Guides and Higher Self to reach friends, family and animals who have crossed over. She uses her Mediumship skills to communicate with the spirit of both humans and animals. Beth said, “A Soul is a Soul, the communication is the same.” She also gives intuitive life guidance, teaches workshops, intuitive body scans and healing work, past lives, and missing persons. Her readings are always personal and confidential, while guiding the client through some of life’s most difficult and rewarding changes. The intention has been set for the messages being delivered to be for the highest good of her client. She is uplifting and positive as you work together through the spiritual experience of a reading. It is Beth’s mission to not only serve her clients, but to teach her clients how to work with their own abilities and intuition.

Beth began investigating her psychic abilities after a long journey of visions and occurrences many years ago. As a result, she became interested in life beyond the earthly death. With the support of her husband George and five wonderful children, she is a graduate of “The Anastasi System of Psychic Development,” taught by Carl Woodall in Atlanta Ga., receiving certificates for Psychic Development, Mediumship, and Channeling. She has continued to learn and study any material that supports her mission. Beth loves serving people and her goal is to inspire others through her passion for life, satisfy curiosity, and show everyone that we are ALL capable of using our psychic senses. Her wish is for others to find peace, to listen to the inner voice of truth that is within us all, and to “Look beyond the Image”. Beth Peters

Beth is available for Private Readings, Gallery Events, Intuitive Life Guidance, Animal Communication, Teaching Private or Group Workshops, Past Lives, Reiki & Energy Healing (People & Animal), Cold Cases, Paranormal Investigations and Public Speaking.
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