Investigation report
On October 19, 2013, GOGPI investigated claims of paranormal activity at a private residence in Villa Rica Ga. The activity reported at the house is as follows: Knocking, locking deadbolt, items being moved and random things showing up in weird places, noises and voices. The washer started by itself and a shirt that was in the closet was found in the load of wash. The shirt had never been worn. Lights were turned on in the closet. Heard a train whistle in the hallway and saw a black shadow moving in the hallway.
Investigators & people present at investigation: Investigators Gretchen Mann and Ed Laughlin, the client her husband, daughter, and two family friends.
Weather conditions:
Weather Conditions at October 19, 2013 – 8:53 EDT
8:53 24 Hour Max 24 Hour Min
Temperature 57.0° F 71.1 at 15:53 53.6 at 9:31
Dew Point 55.0° F 55.0 at 6:53 48.9 at 14:53
Relative Humidity 93% 93 at 6:53 47 at 15:53
Wind Speed 3 mph from SSW 9 at 9:31 0 at 10:53
Pressure 29.08 in 29.15 at 10:31 29.05 at 5:53
Sea level pressure 29.96 in 30.03 at 10:53 29.93 at 6:53
Altimeter 29.98 in 30.05 at 10:31 29.95 at 5:53
Weather conditions mostly cloudy – –
Visibility 8.00 miles 10.00 at 9:31 8.00 at 8:53
Ceiling 11000 feet 11000 at 2:53 700 at 9:31

Meridian Passing
Date Moonrise Moonset Time Altitude Distance Illuminated Phase

Oct 19, 2013 –
7:30 PM 8:21 AM
– 1:33 AM 67.2° 240,280 99.9%
Equipment used by Investigators:

Cameras: Two Canon Rebel digital cameras and Four IR Video Cameras connected to a J2000 DVR.
EMF Meters: Electro Sensor EMF Meter, Cell Sensor, Digital EMF Detectors, Mel-8704R-KII and K-II Meter.
Audio Recorders: Sony P210 digital voice recorder and an Olympus D-10 digital voice recorder and Olympus VN-4100PC.
Thermometers: Cen-Tech mini non-contact infrared digital thermometer and an Omega HH68K ambient thermometer.
Other: Spirit box

Condition of the home:

The house was a newer house and is structurally sound, utilities were in good working order. There were little to no draft coming from the outside doors and windows. Outside sounds were very minimal but we could hear people talking from the front porch.

Investigation began 9:25 pm – End Investigation 12:30 am

Base Readings:
Living room- EMF 0.0, Temp 69°
Kitchen/Dining room- EMF 0.0, Temp 69°
Laundry room- EMF 0.0 except wall that is behind refrigerator it was 25 miligause, Temp 68°
Hallway- EMF 0.0 except around electrical panel it was 26 miligause, Temp 71°
Hall bath- EMF 0.0- Temp 68°
Bed room 1- EMF 0.0, Temp 68°
Bed room 2- EMF 0.0, Temp 68°
Master bedroom- EMF 0.0, Temp 72°
Master bath- EMF 0.0, Temp 72°

Team 1- Gretchen and Ed
1. 9:25 pm- Start investigation
2. 9:28 pm- Master bedroom
a. 9:32 pm- Start EVP session- 9:58 pm end EVP
3. 10:02 pm- Bedroom 2
a. 10:04 pm- Start EVP session- 10:18 pm- End EVP
4. 10:18 pm- 10:30 pm- Break
5. 10:36 pm- Hall bath
6. 10:45 pm- Bedroom 1
a. 10:51 pm- Start EVP session- 10:58 pm- End EVP
7. 11:00 pm- Hallway
a. 11:01 pm- Start EVP session- 11:12 pm- End EVP
8. 11:15 pm- Living room
a. 11:17 pm- Start EVP session- 11:25 pm- End EVP

Team 2- Gretchen, Ed, with client and friends
1. 11:35 pm- Master bedroom
a. 11:38 pm- Start EVP session including flashlight and ghost box- 12:15
am- End session
12:30 am- End Investigation

GOGPI was called in to investigate the above claims of activity. Base reading in the house were within normal limits, temperature normal for conditions, EMF were within normal reading, except around the electrical equipment and electrical panels where they were higher, as expected. We did pick up hi EMF off the electrical panel, located in the hallway, and the fish aquarium located in the living room at the end of the hallway. These areas are where a lot of reported activity occurs.

We did not get anything in our pictures or video but we did record numerous EVP’s. Some of the investigators had some personal experiences, see below.

With the claims of activity, personal experiences by the investigators, the EVP’s that were recorded we feel like there is paranormal activity in the house. We cannot say the house is haunted without a follow up investigation to see if we can reproduce the claims of activity, personal experiences, and to gather more evidence of paranormal activity.
Ed Laughlin
Ghosts of Georgia Paranormal Investigations
Personal Experience summaries from investigators on the investigation:


I also experienced the room getting darker. I also saw movement over the flashlight before it turned on each time.

Upon entering the “ghost room” I heard a female say ooooo come in. I felt in that moment that the house was occupied by a woman and children. I also got the number 5. Got an “AN” name female…like Angela, Angel, or ANNE.


While doing an EVP session in the master bedroom I saw what looked like a shadow the size of a human next to the hallway door. It stayed there for a few minutes then the area became lighter. Also during the session it looked like the whole room became darker for a few minutes then lightened up. While in the spare bed room I was looking out the hallway door into the hall bath and saw a shadow move across the room.

What we hear:

  1. “Get off my box”
  2. Woman or child’s voice
  3. “Watch”
  4. Whistle
  5. Growl sound
  6. “Yep”
  7. “No”
  8. “Well ok” or “I’m ok”
  9. Whistle