Ghosts of Georgia Investigation report


On September 10, 2016, GOGPI investigated claims of paranormal activity at a private residence in Kennesaw, GA. The activity reported at the home is as follows: Footsteps, shadows, objects moved, apparations, orbs, cold and hot spots.


Investigators & people present at investigation: Investigators – Ed Laughlin, Beth Peters & Brian Daffern


Moonrise, moonset and phase calendar:

Meridian Passing  

Oct. 8, 2016


2:04 PM



(252°)       (252°)

7:23 PM





Distance Illuminated








Weather Conditions:

Almanac for Atlanta Area, GA (ThreadEx)
October 8, 2016
Daily Data Observed —- Normal Record Highest Record Lowest
Max Temperature 85 75 90 in 1941 56 in 2000
Min Temperature 65 57 72 in 1884 36 in 1935
Avg Temperature 75.0 65.7 80.5 in 1884 47.5 in 2000
Precipitation T 0.12 2.34 in 1919 0.00 in 2015
Snowfall 0.0 0.0 0.0 in 2016 0.0 in 2016
Snow Depth 0 0 in 2016 0 in 2016
HDD (base 65) 0 2 17 in 2000 0 in 2016
CDD (base 65) 10 3 16 in 1884 0 in 2013


Equipment used by Investigators:

Cameras: Two Canon Rebel digital cameras, Samsung digital camera, Fuji S602 digital camera, Tasco infrared trail camera, iPhone 5S Camera/Video, numerous IR Video Cameras connected to a J2000 DVR. Nikon Coolpix L28 Full Spectrum digital camera, Bell & Howell IR Camcorder, JVC Everio Camcorder, T700 Full spectrum Camcorder, DDV-2200 full spectrum video camcorder, Insignia full spectrum HD camera/video recorder, MagiCam Mini Camcorder, FLIR Bcam w/SD, set of full spectrum POV glasses.

DVR: Black HD-SDI H.264

EMF Meters: Electro Sensor EMF Meter, Cell Sensor, Digital EMF Detectors, Mel-8704R-KII, Mel-8704-R, several K-II Meters.

Audio Recorders: Sony P210 digital voice recorder, 2- Sony digital recorders, Olympus D-10 digital voice recorder, RCA digital recorder Olympus VN-4100PC. Spion Parabolic Dish.

Thermometers: Cen-Tech mini non-contact infrared digital thermometer and an Omega HH68K ambient thermometer. Mel-8704R-KII has ambient thermometer included.

Other: 2-P-SB7 frequency sweep radio( spirit box ), P-SB11 spirit box, Spirit voice receiver, Boo Buddy Bear, Laser Grid, Compaq Presario Laptop, Dell Laptop, Ovilus M, Altec speaker, 2- Rem Pods, various flashlights.

Condition of the home:

Home was in good shape, structurally sound, all utilities up to date. Sounds and voices could be heard coming through the windows and the windows were prone to drafts coming in.


Start DVR 9:06 pm, Start Investigation 9:29 pm, End Investigation 12:21 am, Stopped DVR 12:24 am


Base Readings – 8:30 PM

Kitchen 67.0-68.0 temp (depending on vents), 0.0-0.5 EMF (25.1 at Microwave, 12.3 at AC/Furnace, 5.0 at Refrigerator)

Living Room 61.3-67.8 temp (depending on vents), 0.0 EMF

Client’s Bedroom 65.3 temp, 0.0 EMF

Guest Room 64.2 temp, 0.0 EMF

Daughter’s Bedroom 68.2 temp, 0.0 EMF (50.0+ EMF right speaker, 1.2 EMF left stereo speaker)

Outside surrounding home 70.0 temp, 0.0 EMF (8.2 EMF at the electric box)

After Base Readings and Equipment Set Up – Investigation Began


Investigation Began at 9:50 pm

Investigation – Ed, Beth & Brian

  1. 9:29 pm – We all left the home to sit in Ed’s truck for 30 mins while recorders and cameras were left rolling inside. The house was left empty to collect evidence for claims of activity happening when people are not home. 10:00 pm, returned back inside home.


Investigation – Team 1 – Ed & Brian

  1. 10:17 pm – Daughter’s Bedroom
    1. 10:29 pm – Start EVP w/Flashlight & Spirit Box – 10:35 pm End EVP
  2. 10:45 pm – Client’s Bedroom
    1. 10:51 pm – Start EVP w/Flashlight & Spirit Box – 10:59 pm End EVP
  3. 11:00 pm – Living Room/Kitchen
    1. 11:06 pm – Start EVP w/Flashlight – 11:19 pm End EVP


Investigation – Team 2 – Beth & Brian

  1. 11:23 pm – Client’s Bedroom
    1. 11:35 pm – Start EVP w/Flashlight – 11:46 pm End EVP
  2. 11:47 pm – Living Room /Kitchen
    1. 11:49 pm – Start EVP w/Spirit Box – 12:06 am End EVP
  3. 12:09 am – Daughter’s Bedroom
    1. 12:14 am – Start EVP w/Flashlight – 12:21 am End EVP

End Investigation: 12:21 am


 GOGPI was called in to investigate the above claims of activity. Base reading in the house were within normal limits, temperature normal for conditions, EMF were within normal reading, except around the electrical equipment and electrical panels where they were higher, as expected.

We did not get anything in our pictures or video. We did record numerous EVP’s. One investigator had some personal experiences, see below.

With the claims of activity from the client, personal experiences by the investigator, the EVP’s that were recorded we feel like there is paranormal activity in the house. We feel that the activity is not harmful for the home or the client and family. We felt like the presence there was a close friend of the family that had passed recently. We cannot say the house is haunted without a follow up investigation to see if we can reproduce the claims of activity, personal experiences, and to gather more evidence of paranormal activity.

Ed Laughlin

Ghosts of Georgia Paranormal Investigations

Personal Experience summaries from investigators on the investigation


No personal experiences.


No personal experiences.


Heard a disembodied loud whisper while I was alone at base 2-3 times around 10:45 pm. After the team finished reviewing evidence, there was no explanation for the whisper heard. It was not recorded and I could not make out what was whispered.




·       Mobile/Manufactured Home
·       5.6 miles away from the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park.  Reports say that the entire area, including up to 5 miles away you can Ghostly soldiers walk the grounds; gunshots and cannons are heard. Also reported here are ghost deer who run at the witness and then disappear when they get close. The smell of blood and gunpowder are also described by witnesses.  The whole area has had battles.

·       The area was big for train and supply lines during the civil war.  Several small battles happened nearby as General Hood continued to try to interrupt Sherman supply lines.

·       Camp MacDonald is 5 miles away. Training camp for Confederate soldiers in 1861.  The training camp would later become a target during the war, and would also play a significant role in the Confederacy’s defensive strategy.

·       The main Steam train was known as the General and was highly revered and known by the people of the area. The train was hijacked on April 12, 1862 during the Civil War by Andrews’ Raiders (Union)) in what was later referred to as the Great Locomotive Chase.

·       June 6, 1864:  The area (aka Big Shanty) fell to Sherman’s troops and became a supply base, hospital and headquarters for the Union forces.

·       Where the battles happened in the area of home, we will be just behind the Union Battle lines

·       The name “Kennesaw” is derived from the Cherokee word gah-nee-sah, meaning cemetery or burial ground

·       Cherokee tribe’s ancestors occupied the area starting around 1000 B.C. As the Cherokee came into contact with white settlers, they became farmers and adapted their lifestyle to be closer to that of the settlers. However, the Cherokee eventually lost their homes as more settlers arrived in the 1820’s in support of gold

·       May 1, 1982:  Kennesaw once again was in the news when the city unanimously passed a law requiring “every head of household to maintain a firearm together with ammunition

·       No violent crimes nearby, just a few thefts.

·       Cemetery is .8 miles away, Pine Ridge Memorial Cemetery

Saturday10/08  84 | 59 °F

Saturday Night 10 % Precip. / 0 in  –  Clear skies. Low 59F. Winds N at 10 to 15 mph.



Below are some of the EVP’s we recorded from the investigation.  Since some of the EVP’s are faint we recommend turning up the sound and listening with headphones. What we hear in the EVP’s is listed below.

What we hear:

1- Knock noise

2- “Ho, ho, ho, ho” sound of a laugh

3- “Bye daddy” at end of clip

4- “We’ll see”

5- “Put on a face”

6- Cat sound, sounds like someone making a cat sound.

7- “I’m Sorry”, female voice