Ghosts of Georgia Paranormal Investigations

Investigation Report

Date: 07/13/2009

Location: Private residence, East Atlanta

Weather Conditions:

Weather Conditions: Clear
Temperature: 74 degrees
Humidity: 76%
Barometric Pressure: 29.94 in/
Wind Speed: 7 mph, WSW
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous 71% lit
Solar X-Rays: Normal
Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Condition of Building: The building was built approximately 70 years ago and is in good condition. The house was neat and well kept. The doors and windows seemed solid with slight draft from the windows, not unexpected from a building of this age. The roof, walls, and flooring seem in good solid and in good condition.
Equipment used by Investigators: Several digital cameras and audio recorders were used, along with several different EMF meters and thermometers. Two stationary IR cameras were set up and connected to a J2000 DVR with monitor.
Base Readings: Prior to investigation base EMF and Temperatures were taken. All EMF reading are in Miligause and Temp’s in Fahrenheit.

Living room- EMF- 0.1-0.2 except on a outside wall near a stereo speaker where it spiked to 3.6-4.0, Temp- 72°
TV Room- EMF- 0.1-0.2, Temp 73°
Kitchen- EMF- 0.1-0.2 except near appliances which where higher but in line with the normal appliance readings, Temp- 73°
Bathroom- EMF- 0.1-0.7, Temp 73°
Bedroom #1- EMF- 0.1-0.3, Temp- 71°
Bedroom #2- EMF- 0.1-0.7 fluctuation around bed and dresser, Temp- 71°
Main Investigation: We broke down into two teams, Team #1 consisted of Jill and Corey, Team #2 consisted of Christine, Patrick, and Ed.

Team #1 started the first sweep of the residence at 22:00.

22:42 Living Room- EMF spiked, Jill feels uncomfortable, and Corey saw a shadow.
22:28 Living Room- Temp 78°
22:33 TV Room- EMF up to 3 above couch near the maps.
22:34 TV Room- EMF past 10.
22:38 Living Room- Large light orbs passing through room.
22:40 Kitchen- EMF spikes, Temp 80°
22:42 Living Room- Light orb on chair on right side.
22:43 Living Room- Another light orb.
22:45 Bathroom- 78°
22:26 Bedroom 2- 78°, Jill felt something touch her arm.
22:52 Bedroom 1- 78°, no EMF detected
23:02 Bedroom 1- Jill felt something touch her arm.
23:10 End of first sweep.

Team #2 started their first sweep at 23:25

23:30 Living Room- EMF 0.1-0.2, EMF spiked to 3.6-4.0 around the stereo speaker, Temp 76°
23:33 Living Room- Started EVP session.
23:36 Living Room- Patrick felt pressure on head and shoulders as if being held down in the chair.
23:38 Living Room- Christine felt something touch her arm.
23:42 Living Room- Ended EVP session.
23:48 TV Room- EMF 0.1-0.2, Temp 73°
23:50 TV Room- Christine’s camera started to act up, flash wouldn’t work. Christine and Ed felt chill bumps.
23:56 TV Room- EVP session
00:02 TV Room- Ended EVP session
00:05 Bedroom 1- EMF 0.1-0.2, Temp 78°
00:07 Bedroom 1- The right side of Ed’s headphones flipped off his ear as he was walking around the room, unable to debunk cause.
00:16 Bedroom 1- Christine and Patrick saw a light orb, unable to debunk cause, Christine got a pain in her chest.
00:20 Bedroom 1- EVP session
00:28 Bedroom 1- Ended EVP session
00:30 Bedroom 2- EMF 0.1-0.3, Temp 78°
00:35 Bedroom 2- EVP session
00:42 Bedroom 2- Ended EVP session
00:45 Kitchen- EMF 0.3 higher around the appliances, Temp 78°
00:49 Kitchen- EVP session
00:52 Kitchen- ended EVP session
00:55 End of sweep.

We found the house to be in good shape for it’s age and well kept. After hearing accounts of possible paranormal activity from the client, personal experiences of some of the team members, and the EVP’s that were recorded we feel like there is paranormal activity in the house. Unfortunately we did not capture any picture or video evidence.

It appears some type of intelligent activity in the house since it did interact with the investigating team. We feel that there is more than one entity in the house but we feel it isn’t malicious. Although one team member felt uneasy during the investigation and felt threaten by what was there the rest of the team felt no malicious intent at all. There was nothing else to suggest that it was malicious in any way.

A follow up investigation would be appropriate to be find more answers as to who may be there and perhaps capture more evidence.

The personal accounts have been attached to this report.

If you have any question or other concerns please contact me.


Ed Laughlin
Director Ghosts of Georgia Paranormal Investigations