Ghosts of Georgia Investigation report
On August 18, 2012, GOGPI investigated claims of paranormal activity at a privately owned home in Dublin, GA. The activity reported at the house is as follows: Feeling as if a small animal was crawling into the bed, bangs, scratching sounds on the walls, knocks, covers being pulled off the client, objects being moved, footsteps, locked doors opening, seeing a mist, seeing a dark mass/figure, an apparition of a small bald man. These activities have been occurring for the past several years according to the client.

Investigators & people present at investigation: Investigators – Ed Laughlin, Gretchen Mann, and Beth Peters

Weather conditions:
Meridian Passing
Date Moonrise Moonset Time Altitude Distance Illuminated Phase

New Moon
Aug 18, 2012 8:03 AM 8:43 PM 2:27 PM 58.5° 377,776 1.7%
Past Weather Conditions for KDBN
Observations prior to selected time: August 18, 2012 – 09:00 EDT
Weather Conditions at August 18, 2012 – 8:55 EDT
8:55 24 Hour Max 24 Hour Min
Temperature 77.0° F 95.0 at 16:15 69.8 at 4:55
Dew Point 69.8° F 69.8 at 10:55 60.8 at 14:55
Relative Humidity 79% 94 at 2:55 34 at 14:55
Wind Speed 5 mph from WSW 10 at 14:15 0 at 10:55
Wind Gust – 21 at 18:15 21 at 18:15
Pressure 29.62 in 29.67 at 10:15 29.55 at 16:35
Sea Level Pressure 29.94 in 29.98 at 10:15 29.86 at 16:35
Altimeter 29.95 in 30.00 at 10:15 29.88 at 16:35
Weather conditions clear – –
Visibility 10.00 miles 10.00 at 9:15 7.00 at 6:35
Ceiling – 12000 at 20:15 5000 at 14:15
Equipment used by Investigators:

Cameras: Two Canon Rebel digital cameras and Four IR Video Cameras connected to a J2000 DVR.
EMF Meters: Electro Sensor EMF Meter, Cell Sensor, Digital EMF Detectors, Mel-8704R-KII and K-II Meter.
Audio Recorders: Sony P210 digital voice recorder and an Olympus D-10 digital voice recorder and Olympus VN-4100PC.
Thermometers: Cen-Tech mini non-contact infrared digital thermometer and an Omega HH68K ambient thermometer.

Condition of the home:

The house was built in 1896 and has been well maintained over the years. All utilities are up to date and are in good working condition. The structure of the house is in good condition, windows and doors let little to no draft into the house.
Start Investigation 7:06pm – End Investigation 1:38 am

Base Readings – 7:00 pm
Guest Bedroom – 79.2 degrees 0.0- 0.1 EMF
Master Bedroom – 79.9 degrees 0.0 EMF
Living Room – 80.4 degrees 0.0 EMF
Main Hall – 80.1 degrees 0.0 EMF
Kitchen – 79.8 degrees 0.0 EMF

Before starting home investigation, we went out to see a former home the owner grew up in. Made an outside observation for investigation purposes.

Team 1 – Gretchen & Beth
1. 9:15 pm – Living Room
a. 9:20 pm – Start EVP – 9:30 pm End EVP
2. 9:31 pm – Master Bedroom
a. 9:33 pm – Start EVP – 9:45 pm End EVP
3. 9:47 pm – Guest Bedroom
a. 9:49 pm – Start silent EVP – 9:57 pm End EVP
10:01 – End first sweep

Team 2 – Ed & Gretchen
1. 10:08 pm – Main Hall
a. 10:09 pm – Start EVP – 10:20 pm End EVP
2. 10:23 pm – Back Bedroom
a. 10:25 pm – Start EVP – 10:35 pm End
3. 10:40 pm – Master Bedroom
a. 10:43 pm – Start EVP – 10:53 pm End EVP
4. 10:56 pm – Living Room
a. 11:01 pm – Start Frank’s Box EVP – 11:14 pm – End EVP
b. 11:17 pm – Start Silent EVP – 11:21 End EVP
5. 11:22 pm – Master Bedroom – End Sweep – 11:29 pm

Team 3 – Ed and Beth
1. 12:11 am – Master Bedroom
a. 12:29 am – Start Frank’s Box EVP – 12:33 am – Turned Frank’s Box off (cont. EVP)
b. 12:52 am – End EVP
2. 12:53 am – Living Room
a. 12:58 am – Start EVP – 1:30 am – End EVP
1:33 am – End Investigation –

GOGPI was called to investigate the above claims of activity. Base reading in the house were within normal limits, temperature normal for conditions, EMF were within normal reading, except around the electrical equipment and electrical panels where they were higher, as expected.

We did not capture anything on video or in our pictures but we did capture numerous EVP’s. Some of the EVP’s seem to be responding to our questions while others seem to make comments to the conversations we were having, others seemed random. Some of the EVP’s were recorded, voices and noises, while we were gone and no one was in the house. All investigators had some type of unexplained experiences, see below. Some experiences matched some of the claims by the client.

We feel the house has paranormal activity and is haunted based on the clients claims, EVP’s, and personal experiences by the team. We recommend another investigation to verify if this is the case and to see if we can reproduce our findings and get more evidence of who may be there.
Ed Laughlin
Ghosts of Georgia Paranormal Investigations

Personal Experience summaries from investigators on the investigation:

I only had one experience, while I was in the kitchen by myself getting my equipment ready I heard what sounded like a growl. My first thought was the refrigerator but it was new and running without a sound. All the animals were in another part of the house. Never heard the sound the rest of the night and was unable to find a cause.
While talking to the clients in the front hall, I saw something black go in front of the window on the back porch. I saw movement in the bedroom as well at that time. The house has lots of lightplay/ shadow play…not sure it was paranormal or regular light movement (cars outside etc…). During the investigation with Beth. In the the clients bedroom…I saw a fleeting shadow go up the side of the bookcase by the door. My battery drained twice. Once in my recorder and once in my camera. I got short of breath 20 minutes before arriving. I had no problems in the car prior to this, and I just had a clean bill of health at the drs.

No personal experiences other than some psychic connections related to the owners and their experiences. Talked with the homeowner about some spiritual practices he was doing, asked him to stop and see if the activity would stop in the home.