Ghosts of Georgia Investigation report
On January 14th, 2012, GOGPI investigated claims of paranormal activity at a Hotel in Rome, GA. The activity reported at the hotel in Rome is as follows: Unusual sounds on the roof like footsteps, dancing and women’s heels on the roof. Claims of shadow figures, voices, the sound of a industrial grade sewing machine or an engine outside a guest room, and a bouncing ball of light caught in a security camera, apparitions, creepy feelings in basement, feeling of being watched while in the office, sound of a rocking chair with no chair present, kids hand prints moving up a wall in one of the guest rooms, feeling of hair being brushed by a guest, exercise machine in fitness center came on by itself, no one was in the center and machine was unplugged, an occasional sweet smell in one area of lobby, and the feeling of being followed while walking up the stairs.

Investigators & people present at investigation: Investigators – Ed Laughlin, Beth Peters, Pat Riggins, Laurie Filsinger, Gretchen Mann, Christine Riley, and guests Gay Nichols and Vicki Riggins.

Weather conditions:
Meridian Passing
Date Moonrise Moonset Time Altitude Distance Illuminated Phase

Jan 14, 2012 –
11:49 PM 10:46 AM
– 4:49 AM 51.5° 372,754 71.8%

Past Weather Conditions for KRMG
Observations prior to selected time: January 14, 2012 – 09:00 EST
Weather Conditions at January 14, 2012 – 8:53 EST
8:53 24 Hour Max 24 Hour Min
Temperature 26.1° F 35.1 at 14:53 19.9 at 5:53
Dew Point 21.0° F 21.0 at 8:53 12.9 at 9:53
Relative Humidity 81% 88 at 2:53 47 at 14:53
Wind Speed 3 mph from SW 10 at 14:53 0 at 18:53
Wind Gust – 20 at 10:53 20 at 10:53
Pressure 29.60 in 29.60 at 8:53 29.43 at 13:53
Sea level pressure 30.30 in 30.30 at 8:53 30.12 at 13:53
Altimeter 30.29 in 30.29 at 8:53 30.12 at 13:53
Weather conditions clear – –
Visibility 10.00 miles 10.00 at 9:53 10.00 at 9:53
Ceiling – 4000 at 9:53 3400 at 12:53

Condition of the Hotel:

The building that the hotel is in is around 150 years and has been many businesses over the years, see historical notes below. Over the years the building has been remodeled and the utilities, air handling system, and structure have been updated and kept to code and are in good condition. While in the guest rooms you can occasionally hear outside noises coming in through the windows. The floors are the original ones that were installed when the building was built and the boards do creak in some areas, as expected in a building this age, and you can hear the floor sounds transferred into the rooms from the hallway outside or from adjoining rooms. Over the years the basement area has flooded during some of the extreme flooding in the Rome area. While in the basement you cannot find and sign of flood damage and is very clean. Over all the building is sound and the decor makes it a very inviting and comfortable place.

Equipment used by Investigators:

Cameras: Two Canon Rebel digital cameras and Four IR Video Cameras connected to a J2000 DVR.
EMF Meters: Electro Sensor EMF Meter, Cell Sensor, Digital EMF Detectors, Mel-8704R-KII and K-II Meter.
Audio Recorders: Sony P210 digital voice recorder and an Olympus D-10 digital voice recorder and Olympus VN-4100PC.
Thermometers: Cen-Tech mini non-contact infrared digital thermometer and an Omega HH68K ambient thermometer.
Set up 18:00-19:00

Team 1 – Christine, Pat, & Vicki

1. 19:00 – Room 301
a. 19:52 Start EVP – 20:11 End EVP
2. 20:12 – Room 302
a. 20:12 Start EVP – 20:21 End EVP
3. 20:23 – Room 306 & 307
4. 20:25 – 2nd Floor by the elevator
5. 20:31 – Going back to the lobby area, can’t do and EVP –too much noise in rooms
6. 20:34 – Room 213
a. 20:37 Start EVP – 20:46 End EVP
7. 20:47 – Back to the base.

Team 2 – Ed, Gay, Gretchen, & Laurie

1. 19:45 – Restaurant outside – 0.0 EMF 46 degrees
a. 20:03 Start EVP – 20:10 End EVP
b. 20:11 Flash light came on (inconclusive)
2. 20:20 – Basement
a. 20:35 Start EVP outside the laundry area – 20:45 End EVP

Team 1 – Christine, Pat, & Vicki

1. 21:06 – Restaurant
a. 21:16 Start EVP in the bar area – 21:27 End EVP
2. 21:31 – Kitchen in the Restaurant
a. 21:31 Start EVP – 21:36 End EVP
3. 21:40 – Basement – 22:06

Team 2b – Ed & Beth

1. 21:05 – Room 302
a. 21:05 Start EVP (silent EVP) – 21:11 End EVP
2. 21:22– Roof debunking tap dancing sound
3. 21:31 – Outside 206 & 207
a. 21:31 Start EVP and flashlight session – 21:44 End EVP

Team 3 – Christine, Laurie, Beth & Gretchen

1. 00:21 – Restaurant
a. 00:22 Start EVP – 00:56 End EVP
2. 01:11– Lobby
a. 01:16 Start EVP – 01:27 End EVP

Team 4 – Ed & Vicki

1. 00:20 – Lobby
a. 00:30 Start EVP – 00:40 End EVP
2. 00:55 – Room 302
a. 00:55 Start silent EVP – 01:10 End EVP
3. 01:14 – Room 213
a. 01:14 Start EVP – 01:19 End EVP

We would like to thank the management and staff for their hospitality and help with our investigation, you made our experience at the hotel very enjoyable and a memorable one, thank you!

Base readings for temperature and EMF were within normal ranges throughout the hotel with the exception of high EMF readings in some of the basement areas due to electrical panels, equipment, and wiring conduits along the ceiling. They were also high around the office door, which may explain the feeling of being watched, unable to determine why they were high in that area.

While investigating the area where the claim of hearing an industrial type sewing machine we notice that the noises coming from a near by mechanical room sounded somewhat like a sewing machine and could have been mistaken for one but the claim included the person hearing the sound from inside the guest room, you could not hear the sound of the mechanical room from inside the guest room. During our historical finding we found that the floor where this sound was heard was once a garment manufacturing business and was filled with industrial sewing machines.

We investigated the claims of footsteps and the sound of a woman in high heels dancing from the room above a guest room. The room where the sounds were heard was on the top floor and the roof was directly above the room. A few investigators went on the roof to see if walking or any other noise could be heard from the guest room, no noises could be heard. While investigating the guest room some investigators were in an adjacent room walking around and footsteps could be heard and they did sound as if they were coming from above. We had the investigators in the adjacent room stop moving but footsteps could be heard above, sounded as if someone was running across the ceiling. We then had one investigator walk around the adjacent room and could hear footsteps as it they were above us but they were concentrated on the side of the room near the adjacent room with the investigator in it. We then had all investigators come into the room and remained still and quiet. We still heard what sounded like someone walking/running above us. There was no one in either adjacent rooms or out in the hallway when we heard the footsteps. Some of the footsteps guests are hearing could be from adjacent rooms but other times they may be caused by paranormal activity.

We set up a fixed infrared camera in the lobby to try and catch the light anomaly of what appeared to be a bouncing ball or balloon that was seen on the security camera. We did catch a light anomaly on our camera but was different than what the hotel security camera caught. It appeared to be in one of the business that is off the lobby area. So far we are unable to determine it’s origin but we did rule out passing cars as this was the only time the light appeared in 14 hours of recorded video and that during the time of the heavy auto traffic going by no lights reflected into the area.

We did not capture any findings with our digital photos but we did record numerous EVP’s(Electronic Voice Phenomenon) from the hotel and restaurant next door.

We tried to find alternate explanations for the activity that people have experienced in the hotel. We did find some possible explanations for some activity but most activity we could not debunk or find alternative explanations. All investigators experienced some type of unexplained activity, see below. With the stories of activity from hotel staff, some of the guests, investigators personal experiences, the numerous EVP’s, and video footage we feel that the hotel has paranormal activity and is haunted. We recommend a follow up investigation to see if we can find more evidence of spirit activity and alternate explanations to some of the activity.
Ed Laughlin
Ghosts of Georgia Paranormal Investigations

Historian Ann Culpepper’s Notes:

• The old Battey Building built circa 1854
• Charles C. Bass owned the store 1870’s – CC Bass Mercantile
(The old shop building – machine shop)
• 1870 – Street was built – River boats were built and came to the buildings from the river.
• 1886 – historic flood – “The worst”
• CC Bass Mercantile moved into large building (the hotel), and sewing machines were on the 2nd floor. Up until 1960 the 2nd floor has been a garment company – Champion Garments
• Charles Bass and wife Ida had 1 son + 2 miscarriages, but got pregnant again in 1899. Charles went away somewhere for work on a bus and Ida’s mom stayed with her. Ida went into pre-mature labor and had twins. The infant son and Ida died. Ida’s mom took Ida’s body and the infant girl to Atlanta. The infant girl’s name was Miriam. She left the infant son behind. Charles came home and found the dead baby. He buried him in Myrtle Hill Cemetery by the shop. The infant girl died 4 months later and was buried by her mother in Oakland Cemetery- Atlanta
• 1920’s – Roller Rink on the 3rd floor. 3rd floor has been rented out by room after the roller rink moved out, and then rooms were made into apartments and rented out in the 80’s.
• 1939 – levees were built to hold back flood waters
• 1946 – historic flood – over the levees
• CC Bass Mercantile became a Mill Supply House in the Battey building. It sold Plumbing and Electrical items – sold and shipped to companies, shops and individuals.
• There was a switchboard operator that wore heels everyday named Helen – The guys liked her!
• 1991 – historic flood

Personal Experience summaries from investigators on the investigation:

Within minutes, at approx. 12:55 pm, of arriving at the hotel, I heard what sounded like music playing while in the conference room. It was so fast and the only way I could describe it as was it sounded like an accordion playing. I just know that it wasn’t of this time period. I saw Gretchen turn and look in my direction like she was wondering what that sound was, so I asked her if she heard the music also. She told me no, but the light above me just flickered. When I told Ed what happened, he said he saw the light flicker also.

While setting up the cameras in the basement, I heard what sounded like feet from me a metal clank sound. Pat and Gretchen and I went to investigate the sound because when I told them what I heard, they said they heard something also. We could not find or figure out what the noise was.

While investigating the restaurant, we were standing in front of the bar doing an EVP session, while I was trying to entice a spirit by asking them if they would like a girlfriend and their were three of us there to choose from and we could go on the dance floor and dance, I started feeling a pinchy burning sensation on the inside of my elbow. After sharing this information with Ed and Laurie, Ed asked me if I had looked to see if there were any marks left on me from this, and I had to state that I didn’t even think to look.

Also while in the restaurant, we were in the office inside the kitchen, and I heard a man’s voice. While still in the restaurant I laid my flashlight and the walkie talkie on the bar counter side by side. I went to take pictures and when I came back I found that the walkie talkie had moved about five feet from where I put it down, I asked everyone if they had moved it and they said no.

Upon arriving and walking into the historian meeting, in the conference room, after sitting for a few minutes, I noticed a light flicker over my head. I looked at Christine who asked me if I heard that music. I said no, but it had happened the same time the light had flickered. Christine had not noticed the light.

During set up I noticed the high EMF in the basement, right where it is claimed that the apparitions are seen walking thru the building. For debunking purposes, It should be noted that this could be a fear cage…and those sensitive to high EMF could be affected.
My first experience was in the restaurant. Upon walking up the middle stairs near the boxed in area, I looked up at the bar. I saw a man in his late 30s, early 40s, looking right at me. He had a bad comb over and his hair was a light color. He had coke bottled glasses. He appeared to be sitting there and I could not make out clothing. I actually could not take my eyes off his eyes. It maybe lasted 3 seconds. It felt like time stood still. I doubted what I saw and called it movement. Mentioned it out loud as movement at the bar, but then dismissed it. I could not shake the face, so I went to the place I saw him at and put my recorder down. Laurie came around and asked for my rods as she felt someone there, and I told her I had seen him. We did a short EVP session. Ed led it, and after wards, Ed asked me what I saw. I said,” You are going to think I am crazy, and it was right then the flashlight went on. It stayed on despite Ed’s commands to turn it off. Until I said something like, “If it was you I saw at the bar, turn the flashlight off, dude just turn it off”….It turned off. Couldn’t get him to turn it back on. Ended flashlight session. It was inconclusive.
No experiences in the Laundry room
Saw a light in the elevator, Laurie saw it too. It was a flash of light. Laurie saw it straight on and it was off 45 degrees for me but it was a flash of white light. We were all in the elevator. Ed said something about it being red maybe…but it was a flash and it was white.
No experiences in the room or on the second floor. In room 213 where the man heard the sewing machine. The mechanical noise from the adjacent room was like an industrial sewing machine. In fact the refrigerator was the most noticeable noise. I think we debunked the debunk. In my opinion.
Heard a noise near the deck doors in the restaurant (during the second sweep)…got blamed for it but it was not me…and it was right after they asked it to do something besides swing the rods….I had been still anyway. I moved all around to prove it was not me. The copper rods were swinging around and around like a lasso. It seemed to be in response to us singing especially to when Johnny comes marching home again and Staying Alive. In the kitchen on that same sweep. I saw a shadow person move in the lit back far left corner to the back middle of the kitchen. Again I called it movement, but it was a shadow in the shape of a human. My K2 went off. The rods seemed to point to me a lot in this session.
Last experience I had was by the salon doors on the first floor. I actually had two experiences here. The first one was with Gay and the girls. We heard a bell …like a dinner bell. We all thought it was a normal noise until Gay said it was not a normal noise. Everyone said they heard it, except for the clerk at the front desk. She did not hear it.
My second experience there was with the girls again my rods were pointing the same way as Laurie’s rods. Every time I would look down at them they were there, in the same position as hers. Then halfway thru the EVP session…someone tapped my left ring finger knuckle, I said this out loud, and Laurie said look…my headphones are slowly coming off my head.
Even the bar spirits were playful. I had experiences not native to me. I usually hear voices…no voices, but I never see shadow people or apparitions or lights…all of which I experienced here.
While doing the walk through with the manager on Friday afternoon I heard what sounded like high heel shoes or perhaps some other hard soled shoes dancing on the floor in front of us but no one was there. The sound was fast and loud. I asked the manager if that was a normal sound in the building and she said no and was surprised by what were heard. About thirty to sixty seconds later we heard it again, this time it was slower and fainter. We then it heard a third time, again thirty to sixty seconds later, this time it was real slow and real faint. I never heard any footsteps leading to or away from the area.
While in the restaurant I was in the lower dining area near the bar and felt a cob web on my left hand but could not find a cob web. At the same time Laurie felt the same feeling on her face and she couldn’t find a cob web either. We were parallel to each other but she was up in the bar area several feet high than where I was.
During my second sweep of the investigation I was in the lobby area near the old elevator with one of our guests. While doing an EVP session in that area we both heard what sounded like footsteps near the elevator.
After the investigation while in my room, room 302, I heard what sounded like someone walking above the room but there are no rooms above only the roof. The rest of the team was next door in room 301 and they were walking around. I called Christine into my room to listen to the noise and she heard it too. Upon investigating the footsteps we found that someone walking in room 301 sounded like footsteps on the roof. While one investigator was walking around room 301 we heard the footsteps at ceiling height on the side of the room where 301 was at. At one point Christine and I heard what sounded like footsteps running across the roof from room 303 side to room 301 side, unable to explain that. All investigators came into room 302 to see if they could hear the footsteps and while all of us were in there and quiet we could hear what sounded like footsteps above us, no one was in either room on the sides, no one was in the room below, and no one walking in the hallway.
The first was in Ed’s room at the end of the investigation when we all heard footsteps that sounded like they were coming from above us and we were all in the room so we knew it wasn’t us. The second was after Vicki and I had both laid down for the night. In our room we could hear footsteps above us. We thought it was Ed next door but later Ed told me that he was already in bed before we laid down.


I heard a bell sound in the lobby during the second sweep of the investigation.
One of the first experiences I had in Rome was in Opie’s near the bar. As I walked through that area, I felt as though I had cobwebs going across my face yet I could find none there.
Later as our group moved through the lobby, we all heard what sounded like a dinner bell. Not being familiar with the hotel, I did not think much of it until the hotel manager reacted to it and stated that she had never heard that sound before. It was very distinct!
As we conducted an EVP session in the lobby, Christine asked that my headphones be moved off of my head and moments later, I did start to feel them slowly sliding off.
At around 1:30am we were riding in the elevator and both I and Gretchen witnessed a white light orb. I saw it straight on and it was moving in the area above Ed’s head and then it was gone. It was very bright and noticeable.

What we hear:

  1. “All right” child’s voice right before investigator coughs, no children were there.
  2. In room 302 an odd noise recorded while the only person in the room was asleep.
  3. In room 302 footsteps like someone running and all investigators were standing still and no other person was around. It sounded like they were above us, there was no room above us only the roof.
  4. “Right there” near the beginning of clip and “Watch” near the end.
  5. “I did kill” and then “I did”, female voice.
  6. “I know”
  7. Sing songy voice, sounds like a child, again no children were around.
  8. “No” male voice, all investigators were female at the time this EVP was recorded.