Investigation report

On September 26, 2009 GOGPI investigated claims of paranormal activity at Aqua Terra-Bistro in Buford, GA. Claims of activity including: Uneasy feelings by different people in the basement, glasses coming of the shelf hitting the floor at a distance away from the shelf, tip money missing from a jar only to be discovered a distance away stacked neatly at the top of the stairs, unknown voices being heard.

Investigators & people present at investigation: Investigators – Ed Laughin, Beth Peters, Christine Riley, Corey McHargue, Investigator Trainees Patrick Riley and Kari Kesley – Investigator Guests from Atlanta Cuisine, Tom and Melanie Maicon.

Weather conditions: Moon phase- 1Q at 12:49 AM

Weather Conditions at September 26, 2009 – 8:50 EDT
8:50 24 Hour Max 24 Hour Min
Temperature 68.0° F 86.0 at 13:50 68.0 at 8:50
Dew Point 66.2° F 73.4 at 14:50 66.2 at 8:50
Relative Humidity 94% 94 at 8:50 59 at 13:50
Wind Speed 9 mph from NE 9 at 8:50 0 at 9:50
Pressure 28.95 in 28.99 at 9:50 28.95 at 14:50
Sea Level Pressure 30.05 in 30.07 at 9:50 30.02 at 13:50
Altimeter 30.09 in 30.13 at 9:50 30.09 at 14:50
Weather conditions overcast – –
Visibility – 10.00 at 9:50 7.00 at 13:50
Ceiling 400 feet 400 at 8:50 400 at 8:50

Condition of Bistro: Currently in operation full time and in good condition for a building of its age, built circa 1870’s. All utilities were in good working order, the structure, including walls, roof, ceiling, and floors, were very sturdy with very little floor squeak and windows and outside doors were well sealed.

Equipment used by Investigators:

Cameras: One Rebel digital camera and Four IR Video Cameras connected to a J2000 DVR.

EMF Meters: Cell Sensor cellular phone/EMF detection meter, Electro Sensor EMF
Meter, and K-II Meter.

Audio Recorders: Sony P210 digital voice recorder and an Olympus D-10 digital voice
recorder and Olympus VN-4100PC.

Thermometers: Cen-Tech mini non-contact infrared digital thermometer and an Omega
HH68K ambient thermometer.

Before we began the investigation, Beth, Corey, and Christine did a sensitive walk through and base temperature/EMF readings at 11:00 am. No unusual readings were noted, however some small unidentified noises were heard, and a couple areas in the basement seemed to have peaked the interest of the sensitives on the team. While Beth was standing in the serving area of the basement (an area of interest), the overhead light turned off for no reason found. Corey had to reach up and move the light around to get it to come back on.
Investigation began at 11:40 am:
Team 1 – Beth, Ed, Kari & guest from Atlanta Cuisine

1. 11:40 pm – Basement 1 – Average temp, EMF readings .0-.4
• Sensitive report – Benign feelings
2. 11:46 pm – Storage Area off Basement 1 – All investigators heard a loud thud sound, and went to investigate. Average temps – EMF readings 2.0-3.0 (normal for kitchen/storage area with lots of electrical boxes) – Never found source of thud sound.
3. 11:50 pm – In Freezer of Storage Area off Basement 1 – EMF 1.5
• Sensitive report – Benign feelings
4. 11:56 pm – Ed heard a man’s voice in storage area – We did not find source
5. 11:57 pm – Kari heard a growl/scraping sound coming back into Basement 1 area from the storage area. Ed heard the same sound, and was walking behind her. EMF readings still .0-.4 – Did not find source of sound. Recorded voice on audio recorder.
5. 12:05 am – Storage Area – EVP Session 1 –
• 12:06 – Beth heard running footsteps upstairs – like a kid running (verified, nobody was running upstairs)
• 12:10 – Compressor from drink machine released while asking EVP questions (strange timing)
• 12:11 – Cold breeze came from around water heater room and around Ed. Tom heard lots of whispering sounds around pipes and such at the same time.
• 12:12 – Beth and Melanie heard clinking sound upstairs (sounded like 2 wine glasses clinked together) – went upstairs and verified nobody was moving around glass or was in the kitchen. The kitchen was above the team and while investigating to find cause of noise tried to reproduce it by tapping glasses together along with other utensils in the kitchen, unable to reproduce the sound.
• 12:13 – End of EVP Session 1
• Sensitive Report – Benign feelings
• Prior to leaving the area we had the other team walk and run above us to try and reproduce the running sound heard, could not reproduce the sound.
7. 12:31 am – Basement 1 – average temp and EMF readings – Conversational EVP Session 2. Kari explains how she feels sadness/glooming during some parts of investigations like in the Basement 1, and she had the same feeling when she investigated the second floor of a previous investigation at another location.
• 12:36 – Tom and Melanie hear a clicking sound by the back wall door – Ed checked it out and feels it may be the vent. The A/C was running and an occasional ticking sound could heard from the vent.
• 12:37 – EMF spike all the way to red on the K2 while sitting on the table in the middle of the dining room during EVP session.
• 12:44 – K2 started spiking and moving lights like crazy sitting on the table during EVP session. Base readings in the area registered .01-02 Miligause. The K2 seems to be responding to questions and communication with the team.
• 12:45 – Beth started asking questions. The unexplained would respond with the lights on the K2 to yes and no questions. Through a series of questions, we have concluded that it is a man, over 50 that was scared.
• 12:48 – Ed asked yes and no questions as well – the K2 responded with lights to his questions, but stopped suddenly. End of EVP session
• Sensitive Report – Beth felt like we were communicating with a spirit.
8. 1:05 am – Upstairs Bar Area, – started investigating again after small break
• K2 started going off again, and communicating with the lights to yes and no questions again. We stayed in one spot to let the spirit continue talking to us until it stopped. Average temps and EMF readings other than the spikes during communication.
• Sensitive Report – Beth felt like spirit is walking around with us and continuing to communicate with our team.
9. 1:06 – 1:08 – walked through 2nd dining area, and down to Basement 2.
10. 1:11 am – K2 started communication again and was letting us know he was walking with us through the yes and no answers we were getting. Average temps, and EMF .1-.3 when not spiking to red during communication.
11. 1:13 am – Room in Basement 2 with stairs to nowhere EMF went to 1.0
12. 1:19 am – Room in Basement with loading dock – Ed got a sick feeling, nauseated, and Tom hit cold spot and K2 started spiking again while they stood in one spot and Beth was holding K2. Also picked up EVP’s at the same time.
13. 1:23 am – Ed asked the spirit that was moving the lights on the K2 to drop the temperature on his thermometer and it seemed to respond by dropping temp from 72.5 to 71.0 in almost 3 mins standing in the same position and area of the room.
14. 1:30 am – Basement 2 – heard footsteps upstairs, believe it to be one of the members of the other team that had checked on a noise that they heard while in Basement 1, – Begin EVP session 3
15. 1:37 am – Basement 2 – end EVP session 3 – no communication on the K2 with the lights
16. 1:45 am – 2nd Dining Room – Begin EVP 4
• 1:44-1:50 – K2 started communicating again to yes and no questions while sitting at table – he says he is scared again. He responded that he was sitting next to Melanie. Melanie started asking questions and he responded to her with the K2 as well.
• 1:45 – heard a loud pop in the kitchen area during the EVP
• 1:54 – End of EVP 4
17. 1:55 am – Tom saw something block the light on the wall in the 1st Dining room. We went to investigate sounds in kitchen and shadow Tom saw – no explanation found. EMF – 2-3 (normal for kitchen area with equipment)
18. 1:58 am – Near the Kitchen area in 1st Dining room and bar area – K2 started going off at various times with lots of communication to yes and no questions, then stopped. Team 2 borrowed the K2 to take down to Basement 1. They had no communication with the K2 like Team 1 did. Melanie felt a cold chill while standing near the bar, temp and EMF readings was normal around her, the feeling then subsided.
19. 2:20 am – Team 2 brought K2 back to us sitting at Bar area – K2 stared taking to us again and responding to yes and no questions very clearly
• Sensitive Report – Beth feels a spirit joined us at the start of the investigation, liked our team, and stayed with us throughout the investigation.
2:30 am – End of Investigation

Investigation began at 11:41 am:
Team 2 – Christine, Corey, & Patrick

1. 11:41 pm – Basement 2 – EMF .0-.1, temp 73
2. 11:47 pm – Basement 2 – Christine asked “can you make a noise”. And a man made an audible answer “no” in a whisper.
3. 11:50 pm – Basement 2 – Christine hears a “tink” noise
4. 12:02 am – Private room upstairs from Basement 2 – EMF .0-.1, temp 69
5. 12:10 am – 2nd Dining room – EMF .0-.1, temp 73
6. 12:25 am – 1st Dining room – computer and DVR was unplugged, Team 2 plugged it back in. (someone may have kicked it leaving the bar earlier)
7. 12:40 am – 2nd Dining Room – Team 2 reports hearing clicking sounds coming from private room/restroom area.
8. 1:06 am – Started investigation again after small break – Basement 1
9. 1:09 am – Basement 1 – Christine heard a man singing when the team was singing.
10. 1:11 am – Mechanic room off from Basement 1 Storage Room – EMF .0-.1, temp 74
11. 1:14 am – Basement 1 – Corey saw a round ball that made her heart jump. Heard enormous amounts of noise upstairs – team went to investigate, discovered it was a giant ice maker.
12. 1:22 am – Basement 1 – Patrick saw a white light in far right hand corner of the basement.
13. 1:33 am – Basement 1 – Christine feels cold chill on right arm, wrapped around arm – temp change to 72 in room
14. 1:41 am – Basement 1 – Patrick, Corey, Christine heard what sounded like a cough
15. 1:43 am – Basement 1 – Corey saw a light at top of stairs. 5-10 min. prior, Christine saw a shadow cross the top of stairs. Corey and Patrick saw movement in far right corner of basement right after Christine saw shadow.
16. 2:18 am – Team 2 left Basement 1


We were asked to investigate the claims of paranormal activity at Aqua Terra Bristo. While we were unable to debunk or confirm the claims of the glasses flying off the shelf or objects disappearing and reappearing at a different location in the restaurant, the investigators had some personal experiences of their own that were unexplained. Some of the personal experiences included but not limited to the following, while in the basement areas there were sounds of some one running, chairs being moved, and conversations going on in the rooms above and upon investigating the noises we found no one in those rooms. We also tried to recreate the noises but were unable to. Two investigators felt unexplained cold spots and one got nauseated as he enter one of the rooms, the nausea feeling left when he left the area. Two investigators hear the clank of glasses but we were unable to find out the source. Audible disembodied voices were heard and recorded with our audio digital recorders. Numerous EVP’s were recorded some were in response to the investigators questions and others seem random. One team received responses to their questions via the K-II meter in three separate locations. The EMF reading in the same areas were within normal range. Nothing Paranormal showed up on our still pictures and all the video data has not been reviewed at this time, but what has been reviewed has not yielded anything Paranormal.

With the stories of paranormal activity from several different people, the personal experiences of the investigators, the EVP’s, along with the K-II activity we feel that Aqua Terra Bristo is haunted. We feel that there is nothing malicious at the location and that the activity includes both residual and intelligent activity. We feel that follow up investigations are warranted to find out more answers to questions that were raised on this investigation.
Ed Laughlin
Ghosts of Georgia Paranormal Investigations

What we hear:

  1. “Okay”
  2. “Thomas” or “Tommy” and “Yes” like in reply to the name.
  3. “Ed’s pissed” and “How come?” or “How much?”
  4. “Ahhh Choo” and “Dust or Dusk”
  5. “This won’t hurt” 
  6. “Ahhh” and “Youch” 
  7. “Get back” 
  8. “Goodbye”
  9. Footsteps, “Ahhhh” and “To hot or hard”
  10. Breathy “Yeah”
  11. “Ed” and “Ed get out” and “Ed”
  12. “Hey or Ed”
  13. “Get out of here” 
  14. “Yes”