Investigation Report
On January 17, 2009 GOGPI did a follow up investigation at the Antebellum House in Marietta Georgia.

Weather conditions:

Weather Conditions: Cloudy with occasional snow showers
Temperature: 28
Humidity: 99%
Wind Speed: 5 mph

Condition of House:

The house was built in 1844 and was under renovation at the time of the investigation. Most of the original house was still intact but the rear section was completely rebuilt, this section was also added on sometime after the original house was built and extended to the detached kitchen incorporating into the house. This room was still original. The utilities were turned off and were not connected to the house. As expected in a house its age the floor boards would creak when walked upon, the windows were worn in their tracks and would rattle when the wind blew. The structure of the house was solid. It was located in a part residential and part commercial area. The commercial area was comprised of offices. Other than the rain no noises were heard coming from the outside. The renovations were at the painting phase with most of the interior work on the walls completed.

Equipment used by Investigators:

We had four still mounted infrared cameras attached to a DVR system with recorder. We used two hand held camcorders, several digital audio recorders, three digital cameras, thermometers, and several EMF meters.

Base Readings: All temperatures in Degrees F, all EMF readings in Milligause

Room 1: Temp-42, EMF-.2-.3
Room 2: Temp-43, EMF- 0-.1
Room 3: Temp-43, EMF-.2-.3
Room 4: Temp-42, EMF-.2-.3
Room 5: Temp-43, EMF-.2-.3

Room 1: Temp-44, EMF-.1-.2
Room 2: Temp-51, EMF-.2-.3

Pg. 1
Room 3: Temp-54, EMF-.2-.3
Note: the temp. briefly jumped up to 59 then back down to 54.
Room 4: Temp-44, EMF-.2-.3
Room 5: Temp-44, EMF-.2-.3

Main Investigation:

The investigations started at 21:10 with the setting up of the camera equipment and a team going through taking base readings. At 22:40 we split into two teams, one team remained at base while the other team started their sweep of the house. The teams switched at 00:40.

Team 1(Paul, Michele, David) – Started their investigation of the house.

At 10:44 found one of the extra walkie talkies turned on. No one from either team had turned it on, unable to find a reason for it coming on other than it may have come on while moving it around in the case while looking for other equipment.

At 10:51 Team one reported Michele’s camera battery was completely drained while in the downstairs hallway, she had started with a freshly charged batter.

Other than the above mention team 1 did not report anything else out of the ordinary.

Team 2, at base, reported that the motion detector went off in room #3 at 11:01, 11:06, and 11:22. Found the cause to be the walkie talkie would set it off while using it in the different rooms upstairs.

Team 2(Ed, Beth, Robin, Mike) – Started their investigation of the house.

11:52 pm – Noises upstairs – when Ed/Mike walked in. Heard cracking sounds. (Have a note for some reason – little boy in room?)

12:29 am – Light in room 3 on motion detector got brighter when EVP was going. – debunked the light with radios.

12:51 am – Room 4 upstairs – I feel like there is a female presence, like an older teen, nanny, or Aunt. Maybe sewing room?

1:00 am – Room 1 upstairs – Felt like this was a female room as well, maybe a mom – We heard knocking in the room on the floor in response to our question. Heard tapping back in response to our knocks.

1:05 am – Room 2 upstairs – Felt like this was a male room, maybe the father/husband.
Pg. 2
We heard the radio voice as described in first investigation.

1:23 am – Room 3 upstairs – Felt a nurse presence, heard a female voice while in room.

1:30 am – Room 2 downstairs – Feel like this could have been an entertainment room of some sort at one time. Maybe a place to play music, dance, and have social gatherings. Felt a party like presence.

Other occurrences:

While Beth, Michele, and Mike were taking base reading David, Paul, and Ed were sitting at base which was set up in the old kitchen. While sitting there a door, that was leaning against the wall at a tilted angle and piece of plywood leaning against the door, flatten against the wall then slid approximately three to four inches down the wall to the left. Upon examining the door and the area found no reason why the door would move like that. While examining the video footage in the same area at a later time saw where the EMF meter went off on its own. There were no electrical appliances near the meter and the electricity was turned off in the house.

With camera #1, that was set up in the upstairs hallway, they were two strange occurrences with it. At two different times and two different locations in the hallway strange lines occurred. The first time it looked as if it was right in front of the camera, there were two spots on the first occurrence. They were shaped like elongated semi circles. The second occurrence was at the end of the hallway at the top of the stairs. This time it looked like a rectangle starting halfway up off the floor to the ceiling. We have been unable to find the cause, it was suspected that it may be an electrical problem with the camera set up but it never happened before or after this investigation, we are still trying to find the cause.

We are still reviewing video footage and will report any other anomalies if they occur.


Again during the investigation we had some personal experiences along with some recorded evidence of those experiences. This is a very interesting house with an interesting history of being used as a Civil War Hospital. We did have a reoccurring incident with an EMF meter in the old kitchen. We left an EMF meter sitting in the same corner of the room as we did on the first investigation. As with the first investigation there was no electricity on in the house. Both times the EMF meters went off for no apparent reason the only difference with this investigation was a door leaning against the wall moved down the wall a few inches in the same area as the EMF meter, the first investigation two investigators in the room heard a loud crashing noise come from the corner, that time there was nothing in the corner to make the noise.

Pg. 3
Can we say for sure that there are ghosts/Spirits in the house, unfortunately we can’t, but we can say that there is activity in the house that cannot be explained.

We hope the opportunity to go back for another investigation will come our way and then maybe we can get the hard evidence to prove that what is going on is caused by a ghost or spirit, or debunk some of our experiences.
Ed Laughlin
Director of GOGPI

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