Ghosts of Georgia Investigation report

On Febuary 18, 2017, GOGPI investigated claims of paranormal activity at a private residence in Elberton, GA. The activity reported at the home is as follows: Voices, loud banging noises, doors opening, items being moved, shadows.

Investigators & people present at investigation: Investigators – Ed Laughlin, Beth Peters, Chris & Christie Bradley, Brian Daffern & Guest/Client – Melissa Foster


Moonrise, moonset and phase calendar:

Meridian Passing  

2-18, 2017


12:51 AM



11:53 AM


(252°)       (252°)

6:24 AM





Distance Illuminated








Almanac for Atlanta Area, GA (ThreadEx)
February 18, 2017

Weather Conditions:

Daily Data Observed —- Normal Record Highest Record Lowest
Max Temperature 58 59 75 in 1939 26 in 1903
Min Temperature 45 37 57 in 1981 8 in 1958
Avg Temperature 51.5 47.9 62.5 in 1976 19.0 in 1958
Precipitation 0.04 0.16 4.88 in 1889 0.00 in 2016
Snowfall 0.0 0.0 3.5 in 1979 0.0 in 2017
Snow Depth 0 2 in 1979 0 in 2017
HDD (base 65) 13 17 46 in 1958 2 in 1976
CDD (base 65) 0 0 0 in 2017 0 in 2017

Equipment used by Investigators

Cameras: Two Canon Rebel digital cameras, Samsung digital camera, Fuji S602 digital camera, Tasco infrared trail camera, iPhone 5S Camera/Video, numerous IR Video Cameras connected to a J2000 DVR. Nikon Coolpix L28 Full Spectrum digital camera, Bell & Howell IR Camcorder, JVC Everio Camcorder, T700 Full spectrum Camcorder, DDV-2200 full spectrum video camcorder, Insignia full spectrum HD camera/video recorder, MagiCam Mini Camcorder, FLIR Bcam w/SD, set of full spectrum POV glasses.

DVR: Black HD-SDI H.264

EMF Meters: Electro Sensor EMF Meter, Cell Sensor, Digital EMF Detectors, Mel-8704R-KII, Mel-8704-R, several K-II Meters.

Audio Recorders: Sony P210 digital voice recorder, 2- Sony digital recorders, Olympus D-10 digital voice recorder, RCA digital recorder Olympus VN-4100PC. Spion Parabolic Dish.

Thermometers: Cen-Tech mini non-contact infrared digital thermometer and an Omega HH68K ambient thermometer. Mel-8704R-KII has ambient thermometer included.

Other: 2-P-SB7 frequency sweep radio( spirit box ), P-SB11 spirit box, Spirit voice receiver, Boo Buddy Bear, Laser Grid, Compaq Presario Laptop, Dell Laptop, Ovilus M, Altec speaker, 2- Rem Pods, various flashlights.

Condition of the home:

Home was built in 1906 with addition built approximately 1940. The house is structurally sound, all utilities are up to date and in good working order, the outside windows and doors are in good shape but are subject to drafts and sounds coming in from outside.

Start DVR 8:50 pm, Start Investigation 10:10 pm, End Investigation 12:17 am, Stopped DVR 3:32 am

Base Readings8:45 pm

Family Room/Base      68.6 Temp       0.0 EMF

Bedroom 1                  69 Temp          0.0 EMF

Bedroom 1 Bath          72 Temp          0.0 EMF

Electrical Panel in the back Hall         177.0 EMF

Basement                     62 Temp          0.0 EMF (bottom of the stairs 6.6 EMF)

Master Bedroom         69.9 Temp       0.0 EMF

Master Sitting Room   68.2 Temp       0.0 EMF

Laundry Room 69.4 Temp       0.0 EMF

Master Bath                 69.6 Temp       0.0 EMF

Hall Bath                     73.2 Temp       0.0 EMF (shower wall 6.0 EMF, electric panel on other side)

Hall                             71.2 Temp       0.0 EMF

Kitchen                        71.2 Temp       0.0 EMF (retro Bolivia clock 102.0 EMF, stove panel 85.0 EMF)

Dining Room               70.6 Temp       0.0 EMF

Foyer                           70.8 Temp       0.0 EMF

Parlor                          70.6 Temp       0.0 EMF

Front Porch                 52.0 Temp       0.0 EMF

After Base Readings and Equipment Set Up – Investigation Began

Investigation Began – 10:10 pm

Investigation – Team 1 – Beth, Brian & Ed

  1. 10:20 pm – Master Bedroom
    1. 10:35 pm – Start EVP w/Flashlight & Spirit Box, EDI – 11:02 pm End EVP
  2. 11:04 pm – Master Sitting Room
    1. 11:09 pm – Start w/Flashlight EVP – 11:22 pm End EVP
  3. 11:25 pm – Master Bathroom
    1. 11:26 pm – Start EVP w/Flashlight – 11:35 pm End EVP

Investigation – Team 2 – Chris, Christie & Melissa

  1. 11:56 pm – Kitchen
    1. 11:59 pm – Start EVP w/Flashlight – 12:12 am End EVP
  2. 12:14 am – Parlor
    1. 12:17 am – Start EVP w/Flashlight, Spirit Box & EDI – 12:42 am End EVP
  3. 12:44 am – Master Bedroom
    1. 12:49 am – Start EVP w/Flashlight & Spirit Box & EDI – 1:11 am End EVP

Investigation – Team 3 – Ed, Brian & Chris

  1. 1:37 am – Bedroom 1
    1. 1:45 am – Start EVP w/Flashlight & Spirit Box & Portal, EDI – 2:13 am End EVP
  2. 2:17 am – Dining Room
    1. 2:25 am – Start EVP w/Flashlight & Spirit Box & Portal, EDI – 2:42 am End EVP

Investigation – Team 4 – Christie, Beth & Melissa

  1. 2:49 am – Master Bedroom & Bathroom – 2:56 am – End Sweep in Master Room Area.
  2. 2:59 am – Bedroom 1
    1. 3:05 am – Start EVP w/Flashlight & Spirit Box – 3:15 am End EVP

End Investigation: 3:30 am


GOGPI was called in to investigate the above claims of activity. We set up stationary cameras in the reported active areas of the house. We then started investigating the rooms in the house by taking base EMF and temperature readings.

Base reading in the house were within normal limits, temperature normal for conditions, EMF were within normal reading, except around the electrical equipment and electrical panels where they were higher, as expected.

We did not get anything in our pictures or video. We did record numerous EVP’s. All investigators had some personal experiences, see below.

With the claims of activity from the client and her family, personal experiences by the investigators, the EVP’s that were recorded we feel like there is paranormal activity in the house. We feel that the activity is not harmful for the home or the client and family. We cannot say the house is haunted without a follow up investigation to see if we can reproduce the claims of activity, personal experiences, and to gather more evidence of paranormal activity.

Ed Laughlin

Ghosts of Georgia Paranormal Investigations

Personal Experience summaries from investigators on the investigation


While taking base readings in the kitchen the cell sensor went off, no one was near it. As I walked into the master bedroom out of the corner of my eye to the right I thought I saw a large lighted area in the entrance to the sitting area, when looked over in that area it was gone.

During the EVP session in the master bedroom I heard the floor boards creak as if someone was walking across the floor. No one in the room moved and everyone else was sitting at base.

During the EVP session in the sitting room I heard a metallic sound like something metal fell on the floor. Upon examination Beth found a screw on the floor next to the couch near Brian. Brian picked up the screw and dropped it, it sounded like the sound I heard. Unable to find where the screw came from.

While sitting at base I heard what sounded like a door knob moving, on the door leading to the hallway, as if someone was about to enter the room. No one was there.

While in bedroom #1 I heard a noise next to the chair Brian was sitting in. No one was moving at the time. We determined that it sounded like the curtain rod that was leaning up against the wall by letting the rod slide down the wall.

During breakdown and while in the room with base in it I heard a disembodied breath sound like an exhale.


Personal Experiences:

  • While taking base readings, the cell censor on the stove in the kitchen went off behind Ed. We could not recreate it or find the reason for it.
  • The three times I entered Bedroom 1, I became overwhelmed by a very anxious feeling. During our investigation/sweep I was too uncomfortable to stay in the room and had to leave the other two investigators.
  • While investigating the master bedroom, I heard music during our EVP session with the Spirit Box It sounded like orchestra music.
  • While investigating the sitting room, I smelled a “hot” smell that seemed to float in the room randomly. Also heard a metallic sound hit the floor and noticed a screw on the floor that seemed to have suddenly appeared at the same time. On a second sweep of the same sitting area with the client, I heard the same sound when 3 nails fell to the floor from a blanket on the couch. The client said the blanket had just been pulled from a closet and did not think the nails could have been there.
  • While at base, I heard a what sounded like a metal door knob turn slowly on the hall door.

Sensitive Report: I felt very safe and comfortable in most areas of this beautiful old home. The history of time was evident any many sections of the home. The front part of the home and porch still carries the historical era of the doctor who once lived in the home. I could see through my mind’s eye and using remote viewing techniques that the home was once used as a doctor’s office/hospital & funeral home. I could see the kitchen had been used as a treatment room for surgeries, births and a morgue to prepare the dead. The dining room appears to have been used as the main viewing room with the parlor side being used as the pass thru and waiting room. This could be used as a secondary viewing room as well. The different doors and window on the front porch were symbolic for their purpose and included symbols that faced the street to show associations and clubs the doctor was a member of. The side of the house to the front porch would have been used to transport caskets to a cemetery. The other side of the foyer which is now being used as a master bedroom would have been used as another treatment room for regular visits. The master bedroom would have been a hospital ward or office. The master sitting room off the master bedroom appears to have been used as a guest room with an outside entrance. As the home evolved through time, this same room would have been used for hired help or a Mammy. Through my mind’s eye, I could see extra rooms on the 3rd floor that may have been guest rooms for people who traveled a long distance to be treated. The addition that was built onto the house carried a slightly different energy. One of the extra bedrooms that we noted as bedroom #1 had a disturbing energy and I was very uncomfortable in this room. In my mind’s eye, I could see years of drug use in this room. Both psychiatric prescription drugs and drug sales with transient dwellers. I could see an outside entrance that appeared to be very active. My personal feelings is that this rooms continues to draw mental illness, drug use, and unsettled energy. My recommendation would be to “clean” this room energetically and break the residual energy.


  • While standing in doorway between bathroom and master bedroom, I felt a stabbing pain in lower left back.  After leaving the doorway, it went away about 20 minutes later.
  • While in sitting room off of master bedroom, heard and saw a screw that dropped to the floor from somewhere I could not see.
  • While in the same room, detected a faint smell of a blown out propane type lamp that seemed to move around the room.  It was there, then gone, back again, and then gone again.
  • While sitting in the daughters bedroom, to my right behind the chair, a current rod slid across the floor.
  • Heard a whoosh sound from base.  Traced it down to a whoosh sound coming from a safe in the corner of the master bedroom.
  • At base, heard the sound of a door knob turning.  Couldn’t find source.
  • While in the dining room, heard the cell sensor going off in the kitchen with no on in it.


While investigating in the master bedroom I was standing in the bathroom doorway and thought I felt something brush my back pocket. While in the kitchen I also heard the faint music.


I only had one personal experience. While investigating in the kitchen I heard very faint music playing that we could not find where it was coming from.


·       Built in 1900.  3 beds 4 baths 3,012 sqft.

·       Exterior Walls: Wood Siding, Foundation: Masonry, Stories: 1 story with basement, Parking: Detached Garage, Roof: Shingle (Not Wood)

·       Creek Indians had a village (listed as camp) where the house is as estimated on map.

·       No deaths reported in the home.

·       Elberton’s origins date back to the decade before the American Revolution (1775-83), when settlers from Virginia and the Carolinas, following Indian trails and wilderness passes through the lower Appalachian Mountains.

·       According to local lore, in 1769 William Woodley and a small number of pioneer families were driving flocks of turkeys through the area on their way to the market in Augusta. The party camped in a hardwood valley near a beautiful spring and decided that it would be a good place to settle. After selling their goods in Augusta, the party came back to the spring and established a frontier settlement.

·       Officially incorporated in 1803 and originally known as Elbertville, Elberton has managed to outlive several rival towns in the area and is now the county’s largest city, with a population of 4,653, according to the 2010 U.S. census. It is also one of the nation’s most important producers of granite monuments and memorials. During the 1890s Elberton called itself the “Granite City” and, after the turn of the century, the “Granite Capital of the South”; soon thereafter it began to claim the title “Granite Capital of the World.”

·       After the American Revolution, Woodley’s settlement was variously designated as the “Old Town Spring” and, in honor of Revolutionary War patriot Samuel Elbert, Elbertville. In 1790 Elbert County was created from Wilkes County.

·       The first major church in the town, the Methodist church, was established in 1815. Many years later, in 1860, the First Baptist Church near the square opened its doors to the community. By 1865 the Presbyterian congregation also had built a church within the town’s limits. According to local tradition, the first Christmas tree in Georgia was erected in the George Loehr Home, just south of the town square, in 1858. The main artery of traffic into the town was the Old Post Road (later Georgia Highway 77), which ran to nearby Lexington in Oglethorpe County.

·       Elberton’s growth was a sudden influx of northern entrepreneurs and foreign laborers, particularly Italians, with extensive experience in granite production. Between 1900 and 1930, several Italian families came to Elberton

·       Elberton’s increasing importance was heightened by the slow demise of neighboring towns, including Petersburg and Ruckersville. Elberton did become an economic hub for cotton and other agricultural products produced not only in the county but also in outlying rural districts and settlements within its wide circle of influence.

·       Although General William T. Sherman’s forces never came through Elbert County, the impact of the Civil War (1861-65) was still keenly felt, especially by the numerous Elberton residents who served in the Confederate forces or lost a loved one in the conflict

·       The town was swept up in the sectional turbulence that gripped the nation during the 1850s, and as a slaveholding community primarily based on the production of cotton, it heavily endorsed secession. During the Civil War many of the county’s men joined the Confederate army. Portions of the Fifteenth, Thirty-seventh, and Thirty-eighth Georgia Infantry Regiments included companies that were raised in Elbert Count

·       Known as “The Granite City”, Elberton produces more granite monuments than any other city in the world. There are an estimated thirty-seven granite quarries where the famous Elberton blue-gray granite is quarried.

·       The land that today is Elbert County was ceded by the Cherokee and Creek Indians in 1773

·       Cemetery is .3 miles away and some documents show a few unmarked graves in the area.

·       1 mile away on Reese Street on 3/16/16 An argument led to the death of a 49-year-old Elberton man and his girlfriend’s daughter, a 17-year-old junior in the local high school.

·       Most likely to get earthquakes in this area than the rest of Georgia.  For example: On 8/2/1974 at 08:52:09, a magnitude 4.7, On 4/29/2003 at 08:59:39, a magnitude 4.9, On 11/30/1973 at 07:48:41, magnitude 4.7, On 11/22/1974 at 05:25:55, a magnitude 4.7, On 7/27/1980 at 18:52:21, a magnitude 5.2, On 8/21/1992 at 16:31:55, a magnitude 4.4

·       On 3/31/1973, a category F4 (max. wind speeds 207-260 mph) tornado 17.1 miles away from the Elberton city center killed 7 people and injured 30 people

·       On 4/8/1974, a category F3 (max. wind speeds 158-206 mph) tornado 22.5 miles away from the city center caused between $500 and $5000 in damages, no reported deaths

·       We should check this out before the house. 9 miles away on one of the highest hilltops in Elbert County, Georgia stands a huge granite monument. Engraved in eight different languages on the four giant stones that support the common capstone are 10 Guides, or commandments. That monument is alternately referred to as The Georgia Guidestones, or the American Stonehenge. Though relatively unknown to most people, it is an important link to the Occult Hierarchy that dominates the world in which we live.

·       The origin of that strange monument is shrouded in mystery because no one knows the true identity of the man, or men, who commissioned its construction. All that is known for certain is that in June 1979, a well-dressed, articulate stranger visited the office of the Elberton Granite Finishing Company and announced that he wanted to build an edifice to transmit a message to mankind. He identified himself as R. C. Christian, but it soon became apparent that was not his real name. He said that he represented a group of men who wanted to offer direction to humanity, but to date, almost two decades later, no one knows who R. C. Christian really was, or the names of those he represented. Several things are apparent. The messages engraved on the Georgia Guide stones deal with four major fields: (1) Governance and the establishment of a world government, (2) Population and reproduction control, (3) The environment and man’s relationship to nature, and (4) Spirituality.

o      1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2. Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.
3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
4. Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.
5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
9. Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.
10.Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.

·       From the Elberton Star newspaper, Aug. 16, 1900.  It is about when “Dutchy”, the original confederate monument, was pulled down.  He was nicknamed “Dutchy” because he looked more like a Pennsylvania Dutchman than a confederate soldier.  His uniform even looked more northern than confederate. People aren’t sure why it looked that way





Below are some of the EVP’s we recorded from the investigation.  Since some of the EVP’s are faint we recommend turning up the sound and listening with headphones. What we hear in the EVP’s is listed below.

What we hear:

  1. “I was”
  2. “Fix”
  3. “No”
  4. Sound of curtain rod sliding then “Leave” or “Move”
  5. Tapping or footsteps